How to check, clean and service your two-wheeler’s sparkplug

A healthy sparkplug is crucial to the performance of your two-wheeler’s engine, its smoothness and efficiency. Since the sparkplug provides the all-important spark to burn the fuel, it has to function optimally at all times. Any problems with the spark plug may lead to spluttering, loss of power, reduced fuel efficiency, and in some cases, may even lead to a breakdown, leaving you stranded and helpless. In this video, we’ll show you how you can perform a basic health check-up of your two-wheeler’s sparkplug, service it to an extent to make it work during a breakdown, and get back to safety.

Keep the required tools handy

Before you start, you’ll need to ensure that you have the tools required to check and service a potentially faulty sparkplug. Along with a spanner that fits your sparkplug, you’ll also need a sparkplug wire gauge, which is used to check the gap between the two electrodes of the plug. A piece of sandpaper and a pair of pliers would also be handy.

Exercise caution

Always be careful while removing your two-wheeler’s sparkplug. Ensure that you clean its surroundings to prevent any grime from falling into the combustion chamber. Once you remove the spark plug, it gives you a fair picture of what’s happening inside the engine. If it’s too white, pale and sooty, you’re probably running too lean an air-fuel mixture. If, however, it’s too dark and grimy with heavy carbon deposits on the surrounding areas, you are running too rich a mixture. Ensure that you optimize the air-fuel mixture based on these observations for smoother engine operation and good fuel economy.

Check the gap between electrodes

The wire gauge we mentioned is used to check the gap between the electrodes of a sparkplug. Your two-wheeler may be facing trouble owing to the incorrect gap between the two electrodes. Make the suitable (usually the thinnest for two-wheelers) wire pass through the two electrodes. The wire should just brush through the two electrodes. It should not get stuck, nor should it pass without even touching the electrodes. Adjust the gap between the two electrodes if it’s too much or too less. If the cause of the breakdown or splutter is too much carbon deposition, clean the plug using a piece of sandpaper. In both the cases, make sure that you replace the mended spark plug with a new unit as soon as you return to safety.

Timely maintenance of your sparkplug

Also, take corrective action in terms of optimizing your bike’s air-fuel mixture to ensure that it is in the correct ratio for the spark plug to function properly. Timely check-up and replacement of your sparkplug ensure that your engine performs at its best capacity, delivers great fuel efficiency and doesn’t splutter or overheat.

So next time your two-wheeler’s engine splutters or isn’t performing at its optimum level, you can check the sparkplug and figure if it needs replacement. Do share this video with your friends who may find it useful.

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