10 Must – Haves For A Modern Day Scooter

Scooterization is a fast evolving phenomenon in India, with every 1 in 3 two-wheelers on the road being a scooter. With a more practical approach towards the concept of two-wheeled commuting, a scooter today has stable engines and comes equipped with modern braking and suspension systems. Along with the added benefits of gearless comfort, luggage space, and a relatively comfortable posture, Scooters also offer efficient performance. If you are about to purchase one yourself, here is a list of things your next modern scooter shouldn’t be skipping on.

Comfortable Seat

Unlike a motorcycle, this is vital because there is no fuel tank to arrest the movement of your torso, nor can the stress be distributed to your forward placed feet. Seats on some scooters come wrapped in an anti-skid material which helps to negate the effects of inertia and keeps the rider in place. If you will be riding mostly with a pillion, ensure the rear section of the seat is comfortable and spacious for the pillion to rest their feet is ideally placed.

Convenient, Comfortable Ergonomics

The primary reason to pick a scooter is the comfort and ease it offers. When buying one, always check if there is enough leg space in the footboard area and the handlebar has been placed at a comfortable height. A wide, flat seat will ensure you don’t slide forward when braking, which will otherwise result in a lot of stress being transferred to your arms.

A Modern Suspension System

A basic link type suspension belongs to the 90s. A modern scooter must come fitted with front telescopic forks and rear spring setup. Not only is it more adept at absorbing bumps and jolts better, the resultant energy that is transferred to the handlebar is also lesser. It helps with stability, enhances ride quality and reduces the amount of stress that is passed on to the rider’s arms and shoulders. A gas charged shock absorber at the rear provides excellent seating comfort and helps to reduce the stress that otherwise directly affects the health of vital body parts like the spine, hips and shoulders.


Unlike a geared two-wheeler, a gearless scooter will offer very little engine braking once you roll off the throttle. So one has to depend on conventional braking alone to bring things to a halt. If your scooter offers the option of a front disc, put a tick against it without second thoughts. However, if not that, a harmonized braking system, where the front brakes are automatically activated whenever the rear brakes are used, is just as effective. Such a system assures more safety, distributes braking force evenly and reduces the chances of skidding.

Generous Under Seat Storage

The amount of space under the seat is vital while judging the levels of convenience offered by a scooter. It must be deep and wide enough to swallow a full-face helmet and that space must be obstruction free to allow maximum utility. An inbuilt compartment to store documents, toolbox and a first-aid kit will keep that space tidy and noise free. A tiny source of illumination will help if you need to retrieve any contents from under the seat in the dark.

External Fuel Filling Cap

Until now, one had to get off, unlock the seat, pull it open, twist the fuel cap and hold the saddle while the tank was being refuelled. An external fuel fill feature offers a lot more convenience in that regards and gets the job done without the need for you to get off the seat.

Mobile Charger

A Modern scooter will be considerate towards our gadgets and the need to refill their batteries once things start drying. Check if the scooter you like provides the added convenience of a built-in Mobile Charger under the seat or near the apron.

Tubeless Tyres

Compared to a tube type tyre, in the event of a puncture, tubeless tyres do not lose air pressure immediately, which makes them safer. Since there is no internal tube, the source of the leak can be easily plugged by a puncture sealant and does not require disassembly of the wheel.

Riding Modes

Depending on your riding style, a throttle linked system will make a couple lamps in the instrument console glow either Red or Green. Where Red indicates that you are tapping the engine for more power, a green lamp will suggest that you are saving fuel and riding economically.

Bright Illumination

Make sure that all sources of illumination on the Scooter are bright. Especially the headlight, which should throw an even spread of light on the road and its intensity should be strong enough to not wash away completely against oncoming glare.

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