Riding in your city can be a tricky ride: Find out why

Many consider riding a two-wheeler within the city to be safer than riding on the open roads, as average speeds are generally slower. However, in comparison to riding fast on less crowded roads, there are far many obstacles, hazards, dense traffic and chaos to deal with within an urban environment. This certainly calls for double the amount of the rider’s attention.

The perils of driving within the city are many. In addition to the ever-present potholes and the ever oblivious rickshaw driver, the jaywalkers, the rash driving bus drivers and the stupidly designed speed breakers come together to make it a treacherous environment. Even while you are duly following traffic rules, you need to be extra careful and cover up for others’ mistakes to keep yourselves safe. A visual representation works best to convey what can go wrong and what’s the right way to ride safely within the city. Here’s a video which will help you ensure that you keep yourself and other road users safe the next time you set out commuting within the city.

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