Sync Brake System Explained: What Makes It Safer Than Conventional Braking Systems

India, despite being the largest two-wheeler market in the world, unfortunately, suffers from a lack of awareness and training among a vast majority of its two-wheeler users. This scenario is typical of a developing country where rapid growth leads to an increase in the users of personal transport without proper regulation and training.  Unfortunately, most two-wheeler users get their riding licenses without having undergone proper rider training, nor do they undergo a thorough riding test before being handed over the all-important legal permit to ride.

Special Braking Feature

For a country like India with an enormous number of two-wheeler users, this situation may be bothersome and is known to cause road accidents and even fatalities. The authorities are trying their bit, but with a disproportionate gap between available resource and demand for driving licenses, they also have their hands full.

At TVS Motor, we believe that two-wheeler and automobile makers can play an active role in enhancing road safety. Developing technologies which enhance rider safety and thus reduce road accidents is one of the ways in which an automaker can contribute to making our roads safer.

One such initiative made by TVS Motor is the introduction of the SBS or Sync Brake System on its popular Wego and Jupiter range of scooters. It’s a known fact that a wide majority of two-wheeler users in India don’t know how to use the brakes on their machines properly. A tendency to use the rear brake in isolation often leads to insufficient stopping power, and in some other cases, locking of wheels and thus a loss of control over the bike.

superior braking control

For our urban road conditions with uneven road surfaces, poor traction and conditions involving constant use of throttle and brake, it’s imperative to use the brakes appropriately to ride safely. Using both front and rear brakes at the same time with optimal apportioning of braking force results in a far more effective and safe braking. Using the front brake is important, as there is more braking power available at the front wheel than at the rear.

While it’s difficult to change the riding habits of two-wheeler users overnight, what we could do is use technology to ensure that the braking is effective, even if the riders are not consciously using the brakes in the right way. The TVS SBS has been designed after extensive research on user behaviour and is targeted to counter inappropriate use of brakes while still delivering safe, reassuring braking to the end user. This entire process of developing SBS involved studying brake usage patterns on scooters in India to an exhaustive level and applying our engineering know-how to create a braking system which was safer, more convenient and more reliable than any conventional braking system.

This innovative new tech was first introduced on the TVS WEGO and is now available on the extremely popular Jupiter range of scooters as well.

So how does SBS or Sync Brake System work, and how does it make your ride safer and more convenient?

The SBS tech makes use of an innovative reaction relay lever to very subtly co-apply front brake in quick succession to the application of the rear brake. The relay effect ensures that the transition plays out smoothly and the deceleration is evenly distributed, thus offering superior braking control.

In simple terms, SBS ensures that the front brake is automatically engaged whenever the rear brake is applied. This enhances the braking performance of the vehicle, reducing braking distance and giving the rider more control.

An important part of this mechanism is called the ‘Multiplier’, which ensures that sufficient braking force is delivered to both the wheels. This means that if you applied a certain amount of force at the rear brakes, it doesn’t mean that only a part of the braking force will be applied at the front. The Multiplier will ensure that the front also gets sufficient and appropriate braking force to ensure optimum braking. The system also ensures that the force required while braking is significantly reduced to make the entire process more effortless for the rider. SBS synchronizes braking between the rear and front wheels with a pre-determined delay and force limiter function making it a low maintenance system.

Perfect Braking System

In a nutshell, SBS ensure better safety and better control for its users. It covers up for the user’s lack of training and awareness, doing to its bit to make our roads safer for not just its users, but other road users as well. Recently, ABS or Anti-Lock Breaking System is also gaining popularity among two-wheeler owners. You can read more about it here.

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  • Dear sir/mam I have been a coustmer of tvs from last 14 year, had purchased tvs victor in 2003 till now I am using the bike and I have planned to buy tvs Jupiter but some things missing in Jupiter like one key slot for ignition, opening of sit , external fuel cap and digital speedometer like hero Maestro edge, if tvs company work on this platform no one will beat tvs Jupiter in the Indian scooter market.

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