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Choose The Best Riding Helmet under INR 5000

Helmets are the most basic yet necessary protective gear which should not be overlooked for the sake of marginal discomfort. A good quality, certified helmet helps in the following ways

Protection: Preventing Head Injuries and Reducing Risk of death
Eye Protection: Ensuring Clear Vision and Eye Safety from wind, dust and debris
Aerodynamic Stability: Minimizing the wind resistance and help rider to maintain control at high speed
Visibility: Helmets with reflective elements make riders more visible during nighttime
With TVS Motor merchandise, riders have a wide range of helmets to choose from. There are, in fact, several value-for-money options in here while choosing from the best helmets under Rs. 5,000.

Helmets by TVS Motor range from budget to medium level and further to premium segment. You might have seen different types of helmets in the market - half-faced, off-roading and the most secure - full-face helmets. Besides the helmet type, there is a variation in the type of material used e.g. fibre-glass, carbon composite or Kevlar.

A full face helmet is the most recommended option as it offers all-round protection in the event of a crash.

Furthermore, when buying a helmet, check the certification on offer. While there are various organizations offering certifications globally, in India, the most common ones include: -

⮚ DOT (USA) is a government body which is not directly involved in testing. Instead, helmet manufacturers have to comply with DOT guidelines to attain the certification. The guidelines pertain to impact negation, penetration resistance and field of vision.

⮚ ECE (Europe) approved helmets go through rigorous testing to meet advanced standards. Also, ECE-rated helmets are tested in independent labs before being available in the market. These helmets undergo impact testing, chinstrap test and deformation test.

⮚ ISI (India) certified helmets were first released in 1993, and the safety methods are aligned with ECE standards. The test also includes spot checks to ensure the manufacturer complies with the set guidelines.

Complying with even one of these standards is an assurance of quality and safety for the rider. The safety rating differs country-wise as well as the purpose. Not all helmets have the same purpose – helmets for daily commutes cannot be worn on a race track. All the certified helmets have a safety rating sticker. Let’s have a look at some of the top bike helmets under 5000 INR.

TVS Racing Dual Visor series

This is among the best full face helmets under 5000 INR from TVS Motor. It gets ISI, DOT and ECE certification and you get two colour options, an anti-fog Pin Lock, and an aerodynamic design. With prices starting from just over 4100 INR, the Racing series of helmets offer great value, making it one of the top sellers in the TVS Motor Merchandise store.

TVS Racing XPOD series

The XPOD series of helmets from TVS Motor has more than 10 design options with multiple colour variants. The range caters to a wide range of riders from budget to mid-segment. The highlight of this lineup is EPS impact absorption and the lineup comes with ISI certification. It is designed with an ultra-wide visor, leaving minimal scope for any blind spot and also offers adequate ventilation all around the head.

TVS Half-Face Helmets

It is the budget series from TVS Motor with a primary focus on scooters and commuter bikes. Half-face helmets are quite popular among daily commuters as they offer excellent ventilation. These helmets are crafted with Optical Polycarbonate with an easy visor mechanism. Unlike full-face helmets, they have thinner cheek pad foam that makes them extremely comfortable.
While choosing a helmet, it is important to consider your budget and needs. It is also important to make sure your helmet complies with the necessary safety certification. Last but not least, the helmet should have a snug and comfortable fit for ample head comfort during short as well as long rides.
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