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Features That Make the TVS Ronin the Best Bike for Long Tours in India

Motorcycle touring is a way of life, one which gets manifested by the distances you cover, the destinations you reach, the camaraderie of fellow tourers, and the wind in your hair. But touring shouldn't mean adhering to conventions; instead, it should be something that you do at your own pace, in your own way.

The TVS Ronin follows a similar path - it's anything but conventional and can be purpose-built for touring when those motorcycle trips come calling. Here's how TVS Ronin iterates its capabilities as one of the best bikes for long tours in India: -

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It is Comfortable

One of the best budget bikes in India, the TVS Ronin has been designed to do many things while having a comfortable and upright seating stance. It has a well-cushioned single seat and a functional tank design that lets you tuck in your knees. Having such comfortable seating and posture can go a long way to make touring an enjoyable affair with more riding and fewer stopovers.

It Rides Easy

Another big aspect of TVS Ronin that makes it well-suited for touring is the way its engine has been engineered and tuned. Powered by a single cylinder 225.9 cc engine, the TVS Ronin is tuned for rideability with a low-stress and torquey nature. This ensures that the engine feels relaxed and at home at highway speeds all day long.

It Comes with SmartXonnect

An app designed for TVS Ronin owners, the SmartXonnect lets you get call and SMS updates via Bluetooth connectivity, enjoy the convenience of navigation on your speedometer, plan your rides, avail roadside assistance when required, and so much more. This makes touring a likeable affair.

It Can Be Kitted Out for Touring

Now we get to the meat of it. With the TVS Ronin, you have the option of adding a Custom Tour Kit so that the bike is ready for those long tours. The list of accessories includes a rear rack kit, saddle bags on either side, a tail bag, and a visor to reduce the windblast while riding.

Want to make it even more touring-friendly? Add the Urban Kit as well which has adjustable levers for greater comfort while braking and shifting gears, a USB charger to keep your devices charged on the move, and a Tank Bag to store items that you need quick access to. This ease of customization makes the TVS Ronin one of the best bikes to buy in India.

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Ride Safe and with Confidence

Buyers often ask which is the safest bike to go for in India. The versatility of the TVS Ronin is fortified by the safety it has on offer. The motorcycle comes with Dual Channel ABS with switchable ABS modes for Urban and Rain. It also has a side stand engine inhibitor. These are essential safety features which come to your aid when you cover long distances on the saddle.

There's no singular answer to the question, 'Which bike is best for long drives in India?'

As a rider, you have to discover it for yourself. What you can definitely bank on though, is that the TVS Ronin will be an able and impressive ally as far as long-distance touring is concerned.

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