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Ride-By-Wire Technology Has Transformed Motorcycles. Here’s How.

When it comes to extracting the best performance from your motorcycle, there are a lot of variables involved. Right from the frame, the aerodynamics, the engine, and its overall riding dynamics. But that, as we usually say, is an overview at a macro level.

There are several engineering innovations at play that contribute to the end-performance, one of them being Ride-by-Wire technology.

So, what exactly is Ride-By-Wire Technology?

In a conventional setup, the accelerator cable controls the throttle bodies using a cable. This, in turn, dictates the fuel-air supply going into the engine.

The Ride-by-Wire technology does away with this mechanical linkage. Instead, it has sensors and actuators that sense the throttle inputs and controls the fuel-air supply that goes into the engine. As soon as the accelerator is twisted, the actuators in the throttle body sense the input and change the throttle opening according to that.

Does Ride-By-Wire Offer Any Benefits?

Yes, actually.

1. To start with, it ensures precise fuel-air supply. In everyday use, this translates to smooth throttle response which makes riding easy.

2. Secondly, this well-controlled fuel-air supply helps in reducing emissions.

3. Last but not the least, since there are sensors mapping the throttle inputs, Ride-By-Wire technology allows manufacturers to set up riding modes to get optimal performance from the motorcycle in different riding conditions.

The Apache RR310 is equipped with advanced Throttle-By-Wire technology that plays a key role in its exceptional performance. It has a state-of-the-art Electronic Throttle Response (ETC) which comprises of electronic throttle grip, electronic throttle body (ETB) and electronic control unit (ECU).

The Throttle-By-Wire throttle sensor not only takes into account the amount of throttle open but also the rate of throttle opening. The ECU combines the data to not only deliver crisp acceleration but also protect the engine from suddenly revving up. The availability of this advanced riding tech makes the RR310 one of the best 300cc bikes in India in its segment.

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