Apache RR310

TVS Vehicles | 16 Dec 2022

Apache RR310 - Setting New Benchmarks in Performance

Focus; a term that’s often used but rarely put to practice. The RR310 is an exception in that sense. It is supremely focused in terms of what it offers – race tuned performance. When the Apache RR310 was first imagined and conceptualized, the ideology was clear – we needed to build a race machine that looks the part and rides like one. That is why we went back to our racing roots.

At TVS Motors, we have a racing heritage spanning 30 years that has taught us a lot about how performance-oriented motorcycles work. We put those learnings to good use - the design and performance of the Apache RR310 is a pure reflection of that Racing DNA Unleashed.

In terms of the numbers, RR310 makes 34 PS @ 9700 rpm of maximum power and a maximum torque of 27.3 Nm @ 7700 rpm, has a brilliant power to weight ratio of 0.196 kW/kg and does 0-60 km/h in 2.93 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 7.17 seconds.

But How Was This Achieved?

It all started with the Chassis

Our pursuit of building the best sports bike in India started with the chassis of the Apache RR310. The motorcycle uses a trellis frame split chassis which aids its agility as well as stability, and keeps the bike surefooted on the race track. This chassis is ably complemented by a race-tuned KYB suspension setup - inverted cartridge telescopic forks at the front and monotube floating piston gas assisted shock absorber at the rear. This setup works seamlessly to ensure the motorcycle holds its composure in a straight line and on corners without bottoming out.

Then Came The Design

What role does the bike’s design play in the way it performs? Well, a crucial one.

A capable chassis works best when the motorcycle’s body lines and panels complement it. In the RR310, the design language wasn’t just about style but a lot more – an aggressive stance, a high raked tail, forward weight bias, and superior aerodynamics; all in the endeavour to craft an uncompromising race machine.

We Equipped it with a Powerful Heart

One of the best bikes in India, the RR310 has a unique reverse inclined DOHC engine which has RAM-air intake, a compact layout, and better mass centralisation for the best-in-class power to weight ratio. The Double Over Head Cams (DOHC) and high-revving nature of the engine result in exceptional power delivery at top speeds. Working in unison are the track-tuned 6-speed gearbox and slipper clutch for quick and smooth gearshifts, and throttle-by-wire for precise acceleration when needed.

Different riding conditions call for adaptability, and the RR310’s Riding Modes – Sport, Track, Urban and Rain – make sure that the performance is always on-point.

And the final piece of this racing jigsaw are the RR310’s Michelin Road 5 tyres that have special compounds and features the brand’s patented ACT+ technology for absolute grip.

This harmony of design, engineering and performance culminates in rapturous performance that’s befitting of the best sports bike in India, the Apache RR310.

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