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Apache RR310 - 4 Reasons it is a Game Changer

At TVS Motors, we are passionate about our racing cred and how these learnings manifest in our production motorcycles. So much so that we set ourselves a clear goal - build a motorcycle that gets your heart racing, is stunning to look at, and is a motorcycle that sets the bar when it comes to performance.

And thus, the Apache RR310 took form - our flagship product that is reflective of our racing heritage and a perfect combination of power and agility. Here is how the RR310 stands out in the 300cc bike segment in India: -

Its Form Serves Function

Everything about the RR310’s design culminates in astounding performance. It has a shark-inspired silhouette with streamlined panels which translates to an aggressive stance. There's a forward weight bias as well for sharp handling that lets you dominate the track. Another key area of focus is its aerodynamics. The riding ergonomics were extensively assessed in both static and dynamic to help find the perfect riding position.

This eye for detail in its design makes the RR310 one of the most beautiful bikes in India that walks the talk when it comes to performance.

It has Blistering Performance

The starting point of RR310’s performance is its engine layout, a unique reverse inclined DOHC engine which ensures the best power-to-weight ratio in its segment, the use of advanced parts to keep the motorcycle nimble to handle, Throttle-by-Wire that aids precise performance, a race-tuned gearbox with slipper clutch to ensure quick shifts without any false neutrals, and a liquid-cooled heat management system so that the bike always stays in its element while lighting up the track.

Owing to all this, it is one of the best bike engines in India which delivers what it promises.

The Aerodynamics are On Point

Drag coefficient is a term nested in physics and yet so integral when it comes to RR310's performance. To extract the best out of the 310cc DOHC setup called for the best-in-its-class drag coefficient, and the same was achieved through experimental models, computer simulation methods, and extensive wind tunnel testing. The advanced aerodynamic design of the RR310 sides with the element of nature, making it an ally to deliver amazing performance.

Supreme Riding Dynamics

The final piece of this performance jigsaw is the way RR310 handles, leans, corners, and brakes. Be it the mass centralization that inspires sharper cornering, the forged aluminium die-cast swingarm for better cornering, the lightweight trellis frame for high-speed stability in corners, the performance-tuned KYB forks that lets you go sharp into every corner, or the 300mm petal discs with Dual Channel ABS to stop at a dime - it's all part of the Apache RR310’s riding dynamics that make it a nimble and agile race machine that handles with precision every single time.

When it comes to racing and dominating the track, the RR310 is always game.

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