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TVS iQube : 3 New Variants you should know About

Get ready to experience instant acceleration and torque to zip through traffic like never before on the TVS iQube. The silent hub-mounted motor with a peak power output of 4.4 kW delivers a staggering acceleration of 0 to 40 km/h in just 4.2 secs. As India’s best e-scooter, the TVS iQube is designed to deliver a smart, connected, and personalized commuting experience to you.

TVS iQube

Meet the future that comes with complete peace of mind. The TVS iQube has a 3kWh battery pack and a silent motor that lets you enjoy a range of 100* km in Economy mode and 75* km in Power mode. With a tubular structured frame for agility and a combination of telescopic (front) & hydraulic twin tube shock absorber (rear), the comfort is unmatched on this electric two-wheeler. To fully charge the TVS iQube, it takes about 4.5 hrs with the standard 650W portable charger, that can be used with a standard 15A power outlet at home, for both iQube & iQube S.

TVS iQube S

The TVS iQube S meets your need for everyday riding needs. Switch to Power mode and get the thrill of quicker acceleration and a higher top speed of 78kmph, all without making any noise about it. With a massive 17-litre storage, you have enough space for your everyday bags and the portable charger, or a helmet. Safety in this e-scooter is taken care of by “Anti-Theft Alert”, standard across all variants, which alerts the owner if the vehicle is being dragged while it is locked. On the convenience front, there’s SmartXonnect, standard across all variants, that provides “Navigation Assist” and a host of other features to enhance the everyday riding experience.

TVS iQube ST

Top-of-the-line iQube ST is all about performance & range. With the biggest battery pack in the lineup – 4.56 kWh, you can expect a real-world range of 140* km in Economy mode and 110* km in Power mode. The highest speed that this electric scooter is capable of reaching is 82km/h*. To juice it up, you have the option of a 950W charger that will charge up the two-wheeler in just a little over 4 hours or you can opt for a 1500W fast charger that will do the job in just 2.5 hours. With best-in-class “Regenerative braking”, standard across all variants, all the kinetic energy gets converted and stored in the battery, making the TVS iQube supremely efficient. That is why this electric scooter's mileage is a strong suit.

*Under standard conditions

TVS Motor is committed to being the frontrunner in this switch towards personal e-mobility, and with the TVS iQube, the electrification has just begun.

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