TVS Vehicles | 20 Dec 2022

TVS King Deluxe - The Best Auto Rickshaw Out There

Deemed to be the lifeline of the country’s transportation system, the three-wheeled Auto Rickshaw remains the easiest and cheap mode of travelling for a huge population daily. No wonder it needs enhanced mileage to run non-stop, better gradability owing to different road conditions, more load capacity, and a reliable engine.

At TVS Motors, it presented an opportunity to offer something that will touch millions of lives on the road. And, with TVS King Deluxe, we made that possible.

Here’s how TVS King Deluxe is a king in the true sense with the advanced features it has on offer: -

It Has an Advanced Engine

The heart of TVS King Deluxe lies in its modern, low-friction engine. A reliable, 4-stroke 200 cc, single-cylinder Si-engine operates at lower revolutions for fluctuating road speeds to provide better fuel efficiency that saves costs for drivers. Equipped with an integrated starter generator & hand starter, it helps save on gas & provides an electric push whenever needed, making for a smooth and efficient ride.

The high-capacity engine of CNG & petrol variants belt out the peak power of 7.8 kW @ 5500 rpm and peak torque of 15.5 Nm @ 3750 rpm that takes care of gradability without frequent gear shifts. And, with a maximum speed reach of 63* Km/h, it outnumbers any other auto rickshaws at present.

It Has Better Mileage

With an easy-to-service engine due to waterproof electricals and a maintenance-free battery, TVS King Deluxe is up for greater mileage and performance for an auto rickshaw. Comes with 3 trims of LPG, CNG, and petrol, the revered auto rickshaw offers a brilliant mileage of 42.34* Kmpl in the CNG variant, making it one of the best CNG auto-rickshaws in India

It Has the Best Features

Auto rickshaws often are seen with fewer features for the convenience and comfort of the drivers. We have rightfully filled this gap with TVS King Deluxe. The auto offers a good driver cabin light, mobile charging socket, water bottle holder, and single large windshield, a wider driver back seat, besides an easy-to-operate reverse gear that reduces the driver’s fatigue & saves the commuter’s time. Because, it is not about the features that are just there, but about them that support quick & non-stop travelling.

With these and much more, the question might arise – Is it pricey? So, talking about the price of TVS King Deluxe, the most affordable is the right word when compared to any auto-rickshaws in the country.

But, the TVS King doesn’t stop here, as Kings are never meant to stop!


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