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TVS Zest – Adding Convenience To Your Every Ride

For most customers, buying a scooter in India is a well-researched decision nowadays, and that's because there are multiple factors of consideration when zeroing in on an option. That is why this buying process sees a lot of queries e.g. which company's scooter is the best in India or which is the best mileage scooter in India. On the whole, most buyers seek a scooter that takes care of all the aspects - performance, mileage, safety, practicality and convenience.

TVS Zest - A Well-Balanced Combination

The latter aspects mentioned above are, in fact, of key consideration, and the TVS Zest has both these boxes ticked. It is a scooter that has been conceptualized keeping the indigenous needs of Indian customers in mind.

Here's How the TVS Zest Aces It.

Wider Seat

Seating comfort and support are essential in local commutes, and the Zest offers that in plenty with its ergonomically designed and well-cushioned seat.

19 litres storage

The beauty of a scooter's under seat storage is that it protects what you store there from the elements, especially during the rainy season. In TVS Zest, you get 19-litres of storage space that is well-shaped for easy storage.

Front Glove Box

In addition to the under seat storage, you also get a practically designed front glove box for storing riding essentials like gloves, smartphone, papers, etc.

EaZy* Centre Stand

Parking spaces are at a premium, especially when you travel to workplaces and commercial hubs. Hence, parking your two-wheeler on the centre stand is common so that more two-wheelers can be accommodated in the same parking space. The EaZy* Centre Stand adds a lot of ease to parking the TVS Zest on its centre stand as it requires 30% less effort.

Textured Floor Board

TVS Zest comes with Silveroak interior panels, including its floor board, which adds a sense of class to its aesthetics. The floor board itself is textured so that the surface is rough and skid free. This, essentially, increases safety while riding especially in rainy conditions.

A product that sees constant improvisation to cater to the changing needs of commuters, the TVS Zest scores high when it comes to the convenience quotient, something that is practically experienced in everyday rides.

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