Pune , 26 Sep 2004

C. Vijaykumar of TVS Racing consolidates his positon in the prestigious Foreign Open

TVS Racing continued its dominance at the end of 4th round of the MRF National Motocross Championship held in Pune as C. Vijaykumar consolidated his overall lead to a total of 135 points in the prestigious Indian Experts Foreign Open Class, despite injury. In a battle that is always fought with true grit i.e., foreign open class; the first moto saw top 3 positions by TVS Racing with Vijaykumar taking the lead followed by H. K Pradeep and C. S. Santosh. Though Syed Eathasham of Yamaha Racing was leading till the 7th lap it was Vijaykumar who sprung from nowhere to emerge a clear winner. C. S. Santosh who was leading in the second position gave way to Pradeep for the third position as he struggled with two falls.

The second moto had a different story as Karan Kadam of Yamaha Racing overcame others to bag the top position. C. S. Santosh of TVS Racing put up a valiant fight to come 2nd closely followed by Yogesh Barguje of Yamaha Racing at 3rd. The reigning champion C. Vijaykumar of TVS Racing managed only 6th position as an injury caused by a fall in Indian Experts Group B upto 150 CC 2-stroke race slowed him considerably. Karan Kadam was declared the overall winner by 33 points followed by Santosh with 32 points.

It was truly Santosh's (TVS Racing) day as he garnered maximum podium positions. He came overall 2nd in the Indian Experts Foreign Open and Number one in Indian Experts Group B upto 150 CC 2 stroke and Indian Experts Group B upto 180 CC four Stroke.

The group B Indian Experts upto 150 CC 2-Stroke too saw some exciting race. C. Vijaykumar of TVS Racing who was a strong contender for the race had a massive fall and had to settle for a DNF. His counterpart C. S Santosh cruised towards the finishing line. Syed Eathasham and Yogesh Barguje of Yamaha Racing came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Another winner of the day was the experienced C. D. Jinan of TVS Racing who took the top honours in the Group D upto 180 CC riding TVS Fiero F2. He took a formidable lead right at the beginning and managed to maintain his pace though Sridhar Urs of Yamaha was just few yards behind him.

The other class which Yamaha Racing took number one position was the Class D Indian Experts upto 110 CC where Sridhar Urs of Yamaha emerged winner. C.D. Jinan of TVS Racing and Shivakumar of Yamaha came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Novice class was taken by Yamaha's Wasim Mohammed closely followed by K.P Chandan and Syed Zubair of TVS Racing for the 2nd and 3rd position.

The local class saw some interesting fight between Vishal Barguje and Abijit Jhadav. But in the end Vishal Barguje did some thrilling daredevil riding to emerge as the top rider of Pune. In the privateer intermediate class Amol Temghare of Pune emerged victorious.