Bangalore , 09 Dec 2007

Karan Kadam of Team TVS Racing crowned Champion of MRF Motocross 2007

Team TVS Racing's Karan Kadam, today clinched the MRF National Supercross Championship Title in the final round in Bangalore finishing second in Moto I. In an event filled first moto, TVS Racing's CS Santosh began as race leader in lap one, before his bike stalled in the third lap, causing him to lose precious championship points and his position to team mate and rival Karan Kadam. Guest entrant, Mitch, from Canada, took everyone by surprise as he displayed superior riding skills and won both motos with ease. In the second moto too, the second position was closely fought between TVS Racing's Karan and Santosh, with both displaying amazing skill and talent, fighting each other head to nail leaving competition way behind, until Karan Kadam, who was in second position, lost control of his bike while taking the table top jump. He crashed into barricading and fractured his right hand in the process. CS Santosh, however, proceeded to take the second spot, while privateer Yogesh Barguje finished third.

The Group B Indian Experts above 80 cc upto 150 CC 2-Stroke saw a clear winner in C S Santosh of TVS Racing's on his TVS Shaolin. Santosh built up a huge lead ensuring a comfortable victory. Team mate Aravind K P took second place while Privateer Rustom Patel came in third, both on this Yamaha RX 135. Aravind was declared as the best rider of the day.

In the Group B Indian Experts 110cc upto 250cc 4-Stroke, C S Santosh of Team TVS Racing's proved his class by taking honours on his TVS Apache RTR 160. Team mate Arvind KP also on his Apache RTR 160 came in second followed by team mate R Raja. All these skillful TVS riders fought to the end, to result in an all TVS victory.

In the Indian Novice Group D, above 80 CC upto 160 CC class it was Team TVS Racing's Aravind KP on his Shogun who raced ahead of the others to cap the top spot, while teammate Nataraj R on his TVS Shogun and Sunil Kumar P finished second and third respectively.

In the Indian Experts Group D, above 110 CC up to 160 CC it was Aravind KP of TVS Racing who took top spot. Natraj R also of TVS Racing came in closely at second and Vishal Barguje finished third. Team TVS Racing dominated the podium positions with the top two going to the team.

In the Indian Open Experts Group B above 125cc up to 250 cc Rustom Patel on his RX 135 dominated to win in commanding style, with Vishal Barguje and Basheer Ahmed coming in at second and third respectively.

Group A intermediate class, 2 & 4 stroke up to 250cc had Yogesh Barguje take 1 st position followed by Eeshan Lokhande in second place and Allan Sequira coming in third.

The local class saw some interesting action between various talented and upcoming riders. But it was Mohammed Asgar, form Mysore who took the initial lead and went on to the podium. Sunil Kumar and Basheer Ahmed, both from Bangalore came in second and third respectively.

Sl No Group First Second Third
1. Class 1 Indian Experts Moto I (Foreign Open) Mitch Karan Kadam Yogesh Barguje
2. Class 1 Indian Experts Moto I (Foreign Open) Mitch C S Santosh Yogesh Barguje
3. Indian Novice Aravind KP Nataraj R Sunil Kumar P
4. Indian Experts (Above 180 upto 150cc) Santosh C S Aravind K P Rustom Patel
5. Indian Experts
(Above 110 upto 250cc)
Santosh C S Aravind K P R Raja
6. Intermediate Class (Upto 250 cc) Yogesh Barguje Eeshan Lokhande Allan Sequira
7. Local Class (Above 110 upto 250cc) Mohd. Asgar Sunil Kumar Basheer Ahmed
8. Indian Experts (Above 110 upto 160 cc) Aravind K P Natraj R Vishal Barguje
9. Indian Open Experts (Above 125cc upto 250cc) Rustom Patel Vishal Barguje Basheer Ahmed