Hosur , 30 Mar 2005




TVS Motor Company recorded turnover of Rs. 751.52 crores in the second quarter ended September 2004 compared to Rs. 773.62 crores achieved in the corresponding period last year. Profit Before Tax (PBT) for the second quarter was at Rs. 53.02 crores compared to Rs. 57.20 crores and Profit After Tax stood at Rs. 34.24 crores compared to Rs. 36.98 crores achieved during the same period last year.

The total two wheelers sold during quarter ended September 2004 exceeded quarter ended June 2004 by 16 per cent, an indication of the growth trend expected from TVSM in the next two quarters. The motorcycles rose by 16.6%, Scooterettes by 17.1% and mopeds by 13.8 per cent. This growth by TVS M was significant compared to the industry. The turnover of quarter ended September 2004 was Rs. 751.52 Crores compared to Rs. 618.07 Crores in quarter ended June 2004, registering an increase of 22 per cent. Profit Before Tax and Profit After Tax of Q2 2004 recorded a growth of 26 per cent compared to Q1 2004.

With the launch of TVS Star, the new entry-level 4-stroke motorcycle, TVS M is now present in all segments with a 4-stroke model. With the product portfolio now being complete, the next two quarters will be the period of consolidation for the company. TVS Star will now fill the gap created by fall in demand for 2-stroke motorcycles and enable significant growth in motorcycle sales in the coming months.

TVS Star was launched in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh in mid October 04 and will soon be available across the country.

The turnover in the first half ended September 2004 was at Rs. 1,369.59 crores compared to Rs. 1444.67 crores registered during the same period last year. For the half year, PBT stood at Rs.95.03 crores compared to Rs.107.24 crores recorded last year. The Profit After Tax was at Rs.61.42 crores compared to Rs. 69.06 crores.

During the second quarter ended September 04 TVS M launched TVS Victor GLX 125 and the response has been very good. A new advertising campaign involving Brand Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar has generated a great deal of interest for this product across the country.

TVS Centra, the motorcycle with phenomenal mileage has crossed 1 lakh mark recording a steady growth in its sales. The advertising campaign and promotion activities in the form of 'Mileage Challenge' have triggered TVS Centra to become a preferred motorcycle. Together the Victor and Centra have enhanced TVS M's presence in the executive segment of the motorcycle. In mid October'04 TVS M launched Victor GX 110 CC an upgrade of Victor GL. This new motorcycle comes with 'duralife' engine in a fresh style.

During the quarter, TVS Scooty sales witnessed a steady growth. The company is in the process of ramping up the production of Scooty Pep to meet the growing demand. Scooty Pep during the quarter crossed the 1,50,000 mark.

TVS-M posted a growth in the moped market and strengthened its leadership in this market.

TVS Motor Company exported 12225 units of two wheelers in the second quarter of this fiscal as against 7288 units sold during the same period last year registering a growth of 67.70%. The exports in the first half-year ended September 04 stood at 24,413 units compared to 11,905 units recording a growth of 105%.