Hyderabad , 31 May 2009

SX Championship Wide Open after Round 2 at Hyderabad

It was a challenging day at the MRF Supercross Championship 2009 for Team TVS Racing as its team riders fought it out in the heat and dust to finish on the podium. It might be recalled that Team TVS had been confronted with injuries to its top riders who as such did not participate in today's leg of the Supercross Championship. The first moto of the Foreign Open Class began as a perfect starter for Team TVS with Aravind KP taking a huge initial lead followed Veer Patel in second place and by team mate T K Vishwanath, riding for Team TVS Racing for the first time in this year's championship in third.

It was in the beginning of lap 5 that the team's fortunes changed when Aravind K P fell off his bike and was overtaken by Veer Patel of Team Pashankar Racing. In the next lap fortunes changed again as it was Veer Patel's who crashed this time, catapulting Team TVS Racing's T K Vishwanath into the lead for the first time. Vishwanath finished off the race taking the first place, with Veer Patel in second and Eeshan Lokhande in third place. Aravind K P could manage only fourth position. The second moto of the Foreign Class proved just as exciting as the first. It was a close fight between Veer Patel, Aravind K P and T K Vishwanath for a place on the podium. Veer Patel got the better of Aravind K P when he forced him to hold his bike in the air just that little bit longer than he could handle, resulting in Aravind crashing in the second moto as well, although he did well to comeback and finish in the third position. With this win, Veer Patel took top honours in round II of the MRF Supercross Championship 2009 with T K Vishwanath finishing second and Eeshan Lokhande edging ahead of Aravind KP to take third with a difference of just 4 points. Veer Patel was also adjudged the best rider of the day.

It however was Team TVS Racing all the way in the other races that took place in the day.Team TVS Racing swept the Class 2 - Novice - Group "C" races with Vishal Bharguje, Sudeep Kotegar and P Nataraj taking first second and third places. Here too, it was a close fight for the second third and fourth slot, but Team TVS Racing came out victorious in the end. It was a clean sweep for Team TVS Racing once again in the Class 3 - Indian Experts- Group "B" with Aravind K P, Pramod Joshua and T K Vishwanath finishing first, second and third respectively.

In the Class 6 - Intermediate Class - Group "A" it was Veer Patel of Pashankar Racing, who finished first, while privateer Jatin Jain from Nagpur and Goa's Mohammed Kadar came in second and third. It was a spirited effort by the local boys, who fought a close race with Mohammed Jawed eventually emerging as winner. Fellow racers from the city, Gaurav Naidu and K Yashaswi took second and third place respectively.

It was one, two and four for Team TVS Racing in the Class 5 - Indian Experts - Class C with Pramod Joshua and Sudeep Kotegar taking first and second place. Privateer Sunil Kumar from Bangalore came in third, after successfully keeping Team TVS Racing's R Nataraj at bay.