Bangalore , 31 Dec 2009

TVS goes Hybrid at Auto Expo 2010

TVS Jive and TVS WEGO to hit the market

Bangalore, 31 December 2009: TVS Motor Company will showcase its range of vehicles including those that run on alternative energy sources at the up-coming auto expo in New Delhi. The company has also provided the organizers with eight hybrid two-wheelers and five hybrid auto-rickshaws. The hybrid version of Scooty Streak will be for use by the organizers while the hybrid version of the auto-rickshaw, TVS KING, will be available for use by visitors, to move within the premises at Pragathi Maidan.

TVS Motor Company will also have on display the TVS QUBE 2.0, carrying forward
the iconic minimalistic DNA of the award winning QUBE that uses an electric-hybrid motor, as it gets closer to reality.

These products are in alignment with TVS Motor Company's stated mission to produce environment friendly vehicles that exceed prevalent emission norms and create good value proposition to customers. These products further emphasize TVS Motor Company's commitment to pursue green technologies that will lead to substantial reduction in CO2 levels from a portfolio of products.

Incidentally, TVS Motor Company is the first established automobile manufacturer in India to commercially produce electric vehicles.

With the Hybrid-TVS KING, TVS Motor Company announces the arrival of the world's first mild hybrid - plug in – CNG 3 wheeler. The vehicle's cutting edge technology features a high efficiency axial flux motor coupled with the engine to provide power assistance during acceleration. This effectively supports the low emission CNG engine to ensure vastly reduced overall emission levels. TVS King Hybrid brings down the CO2 emission level by 22% and HC+ NOx emission by over 20%. When managing the power assist operation, the intelligent micro-controller based high efficiency power drive, additionally recovers the energy available during deceleration and braking by the way of regenerative charging. An advanced micro controller based system, manages the energy generated from the battery and CNG such that it is best suited to the operating points in terms of CO2 generation. It also works as a smart battery SOC monitor by way of high speed-high sampling rate current integration. In addition, the system control conserves the energy by shutting down the relevant power sources to optimize the CO2 reduction at relevant operating points.

The TVS Streak Hybrid two-wheeler has a four-stroke engine and an electric hub motor as the two sources of power. This is a parallel hybrid system wherein both engine and electric vehicle modes are available. The power sources will be in operation as per the programmed strategy or the mode selected by the user. To make the most efficient use of the energy, this hybrid system charges the battery when the brakes are applied and utilizes this power whenever required. In addition, this two-wheeler conserves energy when the vehicle is stationary at a traffic signal or at a standstill condition by stopping the power source.

The TVS Streak Hybrid has four optional modes for users to choose from

1. Electric Only: For short trips and zero-fuel consumption
2. Engine Only: When battery SOC is very low
3. Hybrid Electric Mode: Both sources run as per the programmed strategy
4. Hybrid Power Mode: Both engine and electric together for better acceleration

Green technologies used in these hybrid electric vehicles deliver excellent emission reduction and improved fuel economy. This achieves 30 % CO2 emission reduction,
25% HC + NO x reduction and 30 % improvement in fuel economy (all at IDC condition).

These products are the result of company's unwavering pursuit for green technologies to create pragmatic innovations that benefit the lives of people.