Chennai , 10 Mar 2008

TVS Motor company launches the revolutionary 125cc FLAME

TVS today launched its hottest looking motorcycle with a hottest riding experience - TVS Flame.

The new TVS Flame has innovative DeltaEdge styling: The Embedded DeltaEdge trafficators give the bike a sporty finish. The chic DeltaEdge exhaust is not only unique but also enhances performance and is designed to deliver the smoothest of sounds and low emissions. The bike flaunts an elegant backlit LCD digital console that prominently displays a fitness check indicator, and low fuel warning. This motorcycle also features an intelligent mileage indicator (IMI) that provides instantaneous mileage per litre data to the rider. The rear end of the bike sports a dual lens tail lamp that is best in its class. The DeltaEdge styling coupled with snazzy dual tone graphics translates into an amazing road presence with an exceptional combination of power, mileage and stunning looks.

At the focal point of stunning and aerodynamic styling of TVS Flame sits a revolutionary four stroke 125 cc three-valve engine, which is propelled by unique dual induction system, coupled with a universally accepted and traditionally proven single spark plug ignition system. This combination enables the bike to deliver the best performance in its class without any compromise on fuel economy.

The engine employs two separate induction ports called power port and swirl port to achieve this outstanding "no compromise" performance. The power port creates tumble motion to the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber delivering excellent throttle response and power for quick acceleration.

The swirl port achieves extraordinary efficiency by utilizing the unique flow of air- fuel mixture to burn extremely lean air-fuel mixtures in the combustion chamber, providing high efficiency in city riding conditions.

Calling this the "Hottest biking experience in India" Mr. Srinivasan said, "TVS in keeping with its tradition of breaking new ground in two-wheelers is proud to have brought this world class engine technology into India with the CCVTi engine. This engine has been developed and patented by AVL and licensed to TVS in India. AVL, Austria is the world leader in Internal Combustion Engine technology".

AVL is the world's largest privately owned independent company, which develops power train systems and internal combustion engines. AVL is a leading provider of technology to the global engine and automotive industry. AVL has developed engines for most of the major automotive companies in the world.

"When it comes to styling and special features, we are particularly proud of the styling of this motorcycle. For too long, international and contemporary styling has been restricted to motorcycles that are over-priced for today's young, aggressive and professional customers"

Now, Flame allows the consumers to break all compromises that they so far have been forced to make, whether on style, performance, mileage or price"

TVS is delighted to offer the hottest riding experience to all our customers in India from today.