Mumbai , 28 Mar 2004

TVS Racing Victorious at Speed Run 2004

MS Ravindra of TVS Racing, sets a new record as the fastest Indian Rider!!

He was on a group B* TVS Shaolin and covered a distance of 400mts in 13.19 sec (record time), achieving top speed of 146+ km/h.

It was a memorable day at the 'Drag meet' where combination of sheer engine power and lightest payload (machine + Rider wt) was at competition. The event was organised by 'AUTOCAR' sports magazine.
We had considerably reduced the chassis weight by using rear frame parts (stay, seat support etc) made in aluminum, the engine was a specially tuned TVS Shaolin where the porting, carburation and exhaust complimented each other to bring out this record performance.

*Group B: All Solo two wheelers manufactured / assembled in India, homologated with FMSCI but modified within the framework of the regulations. The frame can be lightened, porting can be done exhaust chamber can be used etc. but all modifications must be carried out in India.

Syed Rehman of TVS Racing, did longest wheelie** !
He covered 200 mts on one wheel, the next rider could cover only 85 mts.
**Wheelie: is riding the two wheeler with front wheel lifted in air, this requires considerable amount of practice and skill on the part of the rider.