Zyada Mileage

TVS intelliGO

TVS intelliGO further enhances fuel efficiency by automatically switching engine off at traffic signals & other transient stops. It is ready to go again just by applying brake and revving up. Easier on your pocket & kinder to the environment.

TVS Jupiter ETFi


All new BS-VI compliant next-gen Eco Thrust Fuel injection (ETFi) engine offers 15% better mileage along with enhanced engine performance, better durability & smooth riding experience.

TVS Jupiter ZX More Mileage

15% More Mileage

With Eco Thrust Fuel injection technology you get 15% more mileage


TVS Jupiter offers dual-drive modes for versatile rides. Just adjust your throttle to ‘ECO’ mode and maximize your fuel economy & savings. And with ‘POWER’ mode go vroom & inject a little more fun into your day.

Intelligent Ignition System

TVS Jupiter's superior ignition technology continually senses vehicle load and power requirement, adjusts its response to ensure superior ride quality and better in-traffic mileage. What it delivers is improved fuel efficiency, best-in-class mileage and also saves money.

Zyada Style

TVS Jupiter Classic LED Headlamp

LED Headlamp

Overcome poor visibility & command style. Headlamps also ensure your safety when you are riding in early morning or evening, foggy weather, or during rain when visibility is not adequate.

Modern Design

Contemporarily designed decals with Black Theme Badges

Stainless Steel Muffler Guard

Style inspired by safety comes alive in Jupiter with Stainless Steel muffler guard, polished to a glossy mirror-like shine.

Classic Dial Art

Modern Classic Dial art with a fine blend of classic design and touch of modernity​

Fully Digital Speedometer

The New TVS Jupiter ZX SmartXonnect comes with fully digital speedometer displaying a host of useful information.

Premium Leatherette Seats ​

First in class premium leatherette seats with classic design elements

Rich Chocolate Brown Panels

Exclusive inner Panel colors to match the timeless classic design

Tinted Visor

Redesigned front with modern classic decals, tinted visor and blackened mirrors

Zyada Comfort

Largest Leg Space (375 mm)

The meticulously planned, luxuriously tailored components afford both rider & pillion the ultimate in personal space. TVS Jupiter has the largest leg space (375mm) amongst all scooters. Ride comfortably and store more.

Front Telescopic suspension

A vehicle should be judged on agility as much as on a smooth ride. TVS Jupiter has Advance Telescopic Shock Absorber in the front. The cushioning effect is better and smoother when riding through potholes or bad roads.

3-step adjustable rear suspension

TVS Jupiter features Gas Charged Shock Absorbers in rear, specially designed to help eliminate even the smallest jerks caused by rough roads. Gas-filled rear shock absorber gives you and pillion an excellent seating comfort and protects you from hurting your back or shoulders while riding on bumpy roads.

Large Comfortable Seat

The ergonomically designed double stitched seat features an anti-skid mechanism for ideal comfort. Go for a little or go for a long, go ahead, get comfortable. The seat retains its shape for a long time, letting you ride comfortably at all times.

Large 90/90-12 Tubeless Tyres

It's a bond between your scooter and the road. Durable, Stylish & Lightweight All Black Alloy Wheels. Superior Road Grip. Free of Rusting. Tubeless tyres provide tension-free long rides.

Least Turning Radius

In the real world, you can't count on a banked curve to help keep your line. With least turning radius of 1910 mm, TVS Jupiter delivers superior manoeuvrability & class-leading ease of ride. (* Image is for illustration purpose only)

Largest Wheel Base

Higher wheel base implies better stability. A transversely mounted engine and 1275 mm largest wheel base gives TVS Jupiter the extraordinary riding comfort of a luxury scooter, best suited to all Indian terrains

TVS Jupiter ZX accessible kick start

Accessible Kick-start & Electric Start

TVS Jupiter comes with an Electric Starter. Be at your own comfort and start the scooter anywhere, anytime. Also, the kick-start is level ideally close to your feet so that you can start the scooter without getting out of the seat.

Comfortable Grips

Luxury that begins with material comfort. In Jupiter, special attention has been given to areas of contact. Feel, enjoy & accelerate to the destination.

Zyada Convenience

TVS intelliGO

TVS intelliGO enhances riding comfort by automatically switching engine off at traffic signals & other transient stops. The vehicle is again ready to go by revving the accelerator thus foregoing steps such as pressing ignition or self-start.

TVS Jupiter ZX Centre Stand

E-Z Centre Stand

TVS Jupiter’s Patented E-Z Centre Stand enables you or anybody in your family to park the scooter on its centre stand with just an easy push.

External Fuel Fill

Jupiter's first in class external fuel fill enables you to fill petrol even without getting out of your seat. This can be very safe especially when you are carrying valuables in the space under the seat. It will also save your fresh food items from petrol spillage or its bad odour.

Low Fuel Alert

Fuel on time and at your convenience. When the fuel level goes down in your scooter, the low fuel indicator blinks to alert you to refuel your TVS Jupiter. This smart alert system keeps you away from worrying about such small things like when to refuel your scooter.

Mobile Charger Provision

Front mobile charger facility coupled with Utility box provides unmatched convenience of charging on-the-go along with easy access.

Front utility box

2 litre front utility box provides extra storage space & convenience.

Large Under seat storage

With effectively usable storage space of 21 litres, it allows for multiple configurations and maximum under-storage capacity, there’s no denying its storage abilities. It keeps your luggage conveniently, safely and a full face helmet also.

TVS JupiterRetractable Bag Hooks Dual bag hooks

Retractable Bag Hooks

The retractable bag hooks in TVS Jupiter will never hurt your legs. Pull out only when you need to place your bags. It also gives you more space to carry luggage.

All-in-one lock

The All in one lock enables the customer to operate Ignition, Handle lock, Seat lock and Fuel tank cap with a single key hole.


i-TOUCHstart equipped with Integrated Starter Generator technology helps in instant & silent start of your vehicle, improves battery life and provides improved ‘start reliability’ especially in stop-go traffic situations

Zyada Safety

Malfunction Indicator Lamps

Malfunction Indicator Lamp alerts you in case of any problem with your vehicle ensuring it stays on top of its performance & is low on maintenance cost

Metal Body

Good bones provide structure, strength & flexibility. The vehicle's stiff chassis provides a firm foundation for nimble handling and an ultra-high-strength sheet metal body eliminates any chance of a tension.

Unique Pass-by switch

TVS Jupiter introduces unique Pass-by Switch, first time in scooters. It ensures that your overtaking manoeuvres are easy and safe on the highways or no-horn zones.

TVS Jupiter Classic LED Headlamp

LED Headlamp

Designed to produce shine like sunlight, Jupiter's class-leading headlamp shine brighter, whiter, wider & further, allowing the rider to see farther into the future. Riding in the darkest hour is also a simple affair now.

Parking Brake

Park your Jupiter comfortably even on uneven and sloped surfaces. Parking brake in Jupiter works similar to a hand-brake in cars and keeps your vehicle fixed at its position.

Disc Brake

Disc brake for enhanced safety


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