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TVS Vehicles | 16 Dec 2022

3 Reasons Why TVS Radeon is the Best Commuter Bike in India

Commuter bikes are possibly the best option for individuals who commute daily. They are practical, fuel-efficient, low-budget, and easy to maintain. It is for these benefits that commuter bikes are highly popular among the masses. To cater to the huge demand for low-budget bikes in India, leading two-wheeler makers are now offering the most affordable commuter bikes. Of several options available in the market, TVS Radeon by TVS Motor Company is winning the hearts of daily commuters. So, is TVS Radeon a good bike?

Well, here are 3 reasons that make it the best choice for a daily commuting bike: -

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is one of the defining characteristics of commuter bikes and the new TVS Radeon has aced on this aspect. The engine in the new TVS Radeon has been refined and with improved refinement, the bike offers 15% more mileage than its predecessor which is simply the best in the segment. Since the mileage of a vehicle is highly influenced by riding style and conditions, the Digi Cluster edition shows a real-time mileage display to help you control your mileage in different situations.

Improved Startability

One of the essential features that is a must in a daily commuter bike is its startability in diverse conditions. Be it scorching summer, freezing winter, or heavy downpours, the new TVS Radeon comes with a reliable self-start and kick-start mechanism that allows you to easily start the engine in all conditions. So, if you are someone who is bothered by fuel wastage or environmental pollution on red signals, you can turn off the engine with confidence.

Improved Maintenance

Commuter bikes are best known for being low-maintenance bikes and the new TVS Radeon ticks this box in style. With the ‘Low Maintenance’ malfunction indicator in the Digi Cluster edition, the bike alerts the rider to get the two-wheeler checked on time. This ensures that the rider continues to enjoy a hassle-free ride every time.

The new TVS Radeon is a feature-packed daily commuter bike that promises solid on-road performance irrespective of the riding conditions. To know more or get your queries like what is the mileage of TVS Radeon and others answered:

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