TVS Radeon

TVS Vehicles | 16 Dec 2022

Why People Are in Love With TVS Radeon

Daily commuting is an integral part of daily life which comes with its own set of challenges. That is why a motorcycle which is designed to tackle these challenges and make your commutes easier and safer is always welcome.

TVS Radeon, with its 2 variants – Base edition and DIGI Cluster edition, is designed and developed by understanding the issues faced by the daily-commuter segment. The bike puts out a maximum power of 6.03 kW @ 7350 rpm and a peak torque of 8.7 Nm @ 4500 rpm, and is tuned to make daily travel a breeze.

Here's what works in its favour: -

Gives More Mileage & Fuel-Efficiency

The bike comes with a 4-stroke ETFi (EcoThrust Fuel Injection) engine with a displacement of 109.7 cc that provides higher mileage for daily commuting, along with TVS Intelligo, a smart technology that silently switches off the engine when you are riding in stop-go traffic or while waiting at traffic signals daily, making TVS Radeon an extremely fuel-efficient commuter bike.

Built Strong & Stylish

The foundation of a powerful bike lies in how it is built. TVS Radeon uses a super strong box iron chassis which provides everlasting superior strength, along with a sturdy metal built with ascent, giving it a classic look for a daily workhorse. Further, its digital speedometer displays real-time mileage, service notification, and low fuel alert so that you do not miss out on important updates.

Brings Comfort & Convenience

TVS Radeon’s largest and well-cushioned seat is your answer to questions like, “what is the seat height of the TVS Radeon?” and “Is TVS Radeon good for long drives?”

For better usability, you have the all-gear self-start option and 18” bigger wheels that promise better road grip. Along with that, it has the longest wheelbase in its class, strong suspension, and good ground clearance to ensure riding stability and versatility in all road conditions.

A pillion grabrail with a carrier makes it easier to carry luggage and if the pillion is a lady, then the additional handle with a hook supports the cause well. A USB charging port ensures that your smartphone never runs out of charge when on the move.

Ensures Safety & Security

Safety is foremost in daily commutes and TVS Radeon makes sure your ride is better secured. It comes equipped with high-performance Duragrip tyres for enhanced road grip and braking stability. With a side stand indicator with a beeper that keeps you alert and unbreakable turn signals, your regular rides feel more secure. And taking safety up the notch is an advanced synchronized braking system for assured braking in different conditions.

This Damdaar Choice comes in several Different Colours

While the Base Edition of the TVS Radeon comes with eye-catching colours like Starlight Blue, Metal Black, Royal Purple, and Titanium Grey, the DIGI Cluster Edition offers dual colour combinations of Blue Black and Red Black. Such features and specifications make the TVS Radeon absolutely worth buying, with prices starting from ₹ 59,925* to ₹ 78,414*.

You are just a test drive away to witness why the TVS Radeon is one of the best budget-friendly bikes in India.


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