TVS Star City Plus

TVS Vehicles | 16 Dec 2022

TVS Star City Plus: The Impressive Commuter Bike

For years now, the TVS Star City has been one of the most preferred commuter vehicles that has been ruling India’s two-wheeler segment. The bike promised everything that a customer expects from a small capacity “workhorse”, be it the low ownership cost, consistent reliability, everyday comfort, aesthetics, wide-spread service network, and the legacy of a well-established and trustworthy brand. The introduction of the latest evolution of the Star City bike, the TVS Star City+ is how the brand has progressed towards keeping up with the evolving times. First showcased at Auto Expo 2014, Star City+ has come a long way from when it was launched in terms of updates and upgrades.

Here's what makes the TVS Star City+ worth buying:

A Smart Design Language

Paying a conscious homage to its predecessor, the Star City, TVS Star City+ in its latest, BSVI compliant version showcases a strong road presence. Sturdiness is etched into every line, curve, and crease of the design and the well-proportioned body with its high-gloss finish lends a premium touch to the bike’s look. Accentuated with a black matte finish over the engine and minimalistic touches of chrome over the shifter and kick-start levers and exhaust guard add a refreshing twist to the functional commuter. The first in its segment to be equipped with an LED tech headlamp, TVS Star City+ also boasts of a dual tone muffler guard with the Eco Thrust logo, stylish mirrors that enhance the overall dual-tone theme, and a sturdy grab rail.

Enhanced and Economic Performance

TVS Motor has become synonymous with good, frugal, trustworthy bikes that can be your partner for everyday use. To increase the mileage of TVS Star City+ and take its performance even further, the bike comes with the time-tested ‘Eco Thrust’ engine with ETFi technology, which delivers enhanced performance, whether it is power, rideability, and startability. With a better startup and optimised pick-up, the ETFi technology helps improve the bike’s mileage by 15%.

Engineered for Everyday Comfort

Apart from the premium features that set the TVS Star City+ a notch above other contenders in the 100cc commuter bike segment, one of the best features of this bike is its human-centric design. Being able to ensure comfort for you, day after day, is one of the foremost concerns for commuter bikes. That is why the Star City Plus is equipped with features like the 5-step adjustable hydraulic rear shock absorbers that are suited for diverse road conditions, an optimised seat profile for rider comfort, closer placement of the handlebars, and a sculpted fuel tank - this is how the TVS Star City+ bike makes sure that the everyday commute never gets too strenuous for you.


What makes TVS Star City+ the ideal workhorse is that it does not compromise on safety at any point. In fact, the bike comes with high-performance Dura Grip tyres that provide superior road grip and a 240 mm front disc brake with a unique roto pedal design that provides improved control when braking. Then there is the Synchronised Braking Technology under which both brakes of the bike are applied simultaneously for safe and effective braking with a shorter stopping distance.

As long as you ensure routine maintenance, like knowing which engine oil is best for your TVS Star City+ and always taking your bike to an authorised service centre, you can rest assured that the TVS Star City+ will always be there by your side for your day-to-day hustle.



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