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Why are Cruiser Bikes Better for Touring

If you've ever been on a long-distance motorcycle tour, you'd agree to the fact that's there nothing quite like it. It's a soulful concoction & the joy of venturing to new places, the learnings you get along the way, and the sense of liberation that comes with the ride. The feeling is irreplaceable.

But here's the thing with touring - you need an able steed that's built and engineered to make long-distance touring a comfortable and stress-free affair so that all you encounter are great experiences. Cruiser bikes are known for doing this with inimitable ease. That's because this is their dominion, one in which they thrive.

Not sold yet? Well, the aspects mentioned below will surely help you change your mind: -

Comfort Takes Precedence in Cruisers

Now, this is something that we can all agree on. While it's true that all cruisers are not the same, it is also true that cruisers are the most comfort-oriented motorcycles, starting from the low ground clearance, the sitting posture, the cushioning of the seat, and the relaxed driving dynamics.

The best cruiser bikes in India and abroad will tick all these boxes so that you look forward to long-distance touring every time you plan a ride.

Tuned for Relaxed Riding

In motorcycle touring, low-end torque and strong mid-range trump over outright performance. That is why the recent cruiser bike launches in India are focused on rideability. This characteristic nature of the engine can, in fact, be the difference between long hours on the saddle and taking constant stopovers. The tuning of the cruiser bike also ensures that the engine is relatively stress-free in the long run.

There are Provisions to Make it Even More Touring-Friendly

This is another area where cruisers score well. Many cruiser bikes that have been recently launched in India come with provisions for additional storage in the form of saddle bags and rear bags. Some cruisers also have add-on accessories like radiator grill, engine sump guard (also known as bash plate) and chain cover to keep the key mechanical bits protected from dust and muck which is inevitable during long-distance riding.

These aspects can play a significant role in making long rides smooth and comfortable, and hence, must be considered with a lot of thought.

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