TVS Jupiter 125cc Overview

Taking the legacy of TVS Jupiter forward, the all new TVS Jupiter 125 is truly bigger, better and powerful. The new Jupiter is the perfect blend of style & practicality, redefining your daily commute. So, get set, take the leap and experience the ZYADA SE BHI ZYADA ride

TVS Jupiter 125cccc

TVS Jupiter 125cc Overview

TVS Jupiter 125cc Features

TVS Jupiter 125cc Muscular Styling

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Progressive Neo Masculine Styling

TVS Jupiter 125 with its overall bigger dimensions & contemporary design offers a new age masculine look giving you an unmissable road presence

TVS Jupiter 125cc Headlamp

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Stylish Headlamp with Visor

Stylish new headlamp with visor enhances the look of TVS Jupiter 125 and gives it a stylish appeal. The bright illumination of LED headlamp ensures you get better road visibility

TVS Jupiter 125cc front light guide

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Signature front light guides

TVS Jupiter 125 comes with signature LED light guides that offers a unique identity to the vehicle and gives you a distinct appearance while riding

TVS Jupiter 125cc Tail Lamp

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Elegant tail lamp with grabrail reflector

Elegant tail lamps with 1st in segment grabrail reflector not just adds to the style but also ensures safety during night rides

TVS Jupiter 125cc Alloy Wheels

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Exquisite diamond cut alloy wheels adds to the premiumness of the vehicle and makes your ride even more stylish

TVS Jupiter 125cc Chrome Mirrors

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Partial Chrome Mirrors

Chrome garnishing on the mirrors adds more style and presence to your vehicle

TVS Jupiter 125cc 3d Emblem

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Premium dual colored inner panels

Exclusive Body color interior panels gives a unique personality to TVS Jupiter 125 and makes a powerful style statement

TVS Raider 125 Split Seat

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Chrome Highlights

Generous chrome highlights further enhances the look and adds premiumness to your vehicle

TVS Jupiter 125 Emblem

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Premium 3D Emblem

The 3D emblem in chrome symbolizes sophistication & elegance. It perfectly complements the premium look of the vehicle

TVS Jupiter 125 Grabrails Body Color

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Style

Body color Grabrails

Body color grabrail makes the vehicle look premium and enhances overall looks of the vehicle

TVS Jupiter 125cc Underseat Storage

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Space

Best in Class Under seat storage

Store a lot more with Best in Class under seat storage space of 33 Ltrs. It's the 1st in Segment to accommodate two full face helmets. Simply a wow feature

TVS Jupiter 125cc seat base

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Space

Seat base with cushioning

TVS Jupiter 125 comes with a seat base with cushioning that will adjust and accommodate more items giving you extra space. This is indeed detailing at best!

TVS Jupiter 125cc Leg Space

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Space

Large Front Leg space

TVS Jupiter 125 offers large front leg space (380mm) that lets you ride with utmost comfort. Now, you get better leg room & more space to store

TVS Jupiter 125cc Glove Box

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Space

Front 2L Glove Box

Additional 2L glove box in front lets you store small items safely on the go & makes them easily accessible too

TVS Jupiter 125cc Longest Seat

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

Longest Seat

TVS Jupiter 125 comes with the longest in segment seat of 790mm. This meticulously designed extra spacious seat provides ultimate comfort in all your journeys

TVS Jupiter 125cc Telescopic Suspension

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

Front Telescopic Suspension

TVS Jupiter 125 enhances comfort with advanced front telescopic suspension. Gives a jerk free & tireless riding experience even on potholes or bad roads.

TVS Jupiter 125cc Rear Suspension

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

MIG with adjustable shocks

1st in industry Monotube Inverted Gas filled rear shocks offers extra cushioning & 3 step adjustable shocks lets you adjust suspension and customize your ride

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

Easy ground reach

The optimum seat profile & height of TVS Jupiter 125 allows comfortable ground reachability making it suitable for everyone to ride comfortably

TVS Jupiter 125cc Body Balance Technology

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

Body Balance Technology

TVS Jupiter 125 redefines riding comfort with the innovative Body Balance Technology. This technology offers perfect balance, stability and superior vehicle handling.

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Comfort

Best in Class Ergonomics

The TVS Jupiter 125 is ergonomically designed for a better ride experience; long or short. Ergonomically positioned control switches along with optimum position of handle bar, seat, floor board & pillion foot peg ensures comfortable riding posture for both rider & pillion

TVS Jupiter 125cc External Fuel Fill in front

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

External fuel fill in front

External fuel fill made better with front fuel fill. Much easy to operate & lets you tank up conveniently right in front of you without getting down

TVS Jupiter 125cc All in one lock

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

All in one lock - 5 in 1

The All in one lock offers ease of operating ignition, handle lock, seat lock & fuel tank cap with a single keyhole making the locking mechanism much more convenient

TVS Jupiter 125cc Mobile Charging

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

Mobile charger in front

Now easy charging on the go. The mobile charger facility coupled with front utility box let's you keep your mobile charged while riding along with easy access

TVS Jupiter 125cc Bag Hook

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

One touch collapsible bag hook

Bag hooks that don’t compromise on your leg space. The collapsible bag hooks pull out with just one touch making it easy to carry extra luggage

TVS Jupiter 125cc Digital Speedometer

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

Semi digital speedometer

Smart and stylish digi analog speedometer displays useful ride info like distance to empty, average and instant fuel efficiency, low fuel indicator and more

TVS Raider 125 Alloy Wheels

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

Patented Easy Center Stand

TVS Jupiter 125's patented Eazy Centre Stand enables parking the scooter on its center stand with just an easy push

TVS Jupiter 125cc UB Light

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Convenience

UB light Provision

The UB light offers ease of accessing items under seat even when its dark. Light turns on automatically once you open the seat ,giving you better visibility

TVS Jupiter 125cc Mileage

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Mileage

Best in class Mileage

TVS Jupiter 125 offers 15% more mileage with ETFi(Eco thrust fuel injection) & intelliGO technology

TVS Jupiter 125cc ETFI Technology

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Mileage

ETFi Technology

The BSVI compliant Eco thrust Fuel Injection ( ETFi) technology delivers 15% more mileage, superior ride quality and improved durability

TVS Jupiter 125cc Intelligo Technology

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Mileage

TVS Intelligo Technology

TVS Intelligo enhances fuel efficiency by automatically switching off engine at signals and transient stops. Just apply the break, rev up and you are ready to go

TVS Jupiter 125cc Mileage Indicator

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Mileage

Intelligent Mileage Indicators

Intelligent mileage alerts like average and Instant Fuel Efficiency, distance To Empty, Eco/power mode etc. helps you optimize the ride and get the best mileage

TVS Jupiter 125cccc engine

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Performance

New Powerful 125 cc Engine

Experience power & smoothness with the all new powerful 125cc engine with ETFi technology. Now, enjoy smooth ride with best in class initial pick up & mileage

TVS Jupiter 125cc Silent Start

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Performance

Noiseless & reliable start

i TOUCH start provides silent and reliable instant start minus the cranking noise, making it ideal for repeated starts in stop-go traffic

TVS Jupiter 125cc Intelligo

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Performance

TVS Intelligo

TVS Intelligo technology intelligently switches off engine in stop-go traffic & other transient stops. Just apply the break, rev up & you are ready to go

TVS Raider 125 Under Seat Storage

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Safety


MetalMAXX provides extra Safety and durability. Maximum metal in all impact areas ensures better safety and makes the vehicle sturdier and long lasting

TVS Jupiter 125cc Tail Light

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Safety

Tail lamp with Reflector

Tail lamp with LED light guide and 1st in industry grabrail reflector ensures better safety by improving vehicle visibility from rear side at night

TVS Raider 125 Sync Braking Technology

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Safety

Side Stand Indicator & Engine Inhibitor

This feature further enhances safety by prohibiting engine start when side stand is engaged & alerts you at the same time. Now, enjoy a safe & peaceful ride

TVS Jupiter 125cc Pass Switch

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Safety

Pass by switch

Lets you easily indicate the passer by in case of overtaking, ensuring better ride safety

TVS Jupiter 125cc Disc Brake with SBT

Zyada se Bhi Zyada Safety

Disc brake with SBT

Disc brake along with Sync Braking Technology ensures safe and efficient stability under all riding conditions

TVS Jupiter 125cc Colours

Drag for 360° view
Dawn Orange

TVS Jupiter 125cc Technical specifications

124.8 cc
Engine Type
Single cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled
Bore x Stroke
53.5 x 55.5 mm
Max Power
6.0 KW @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque
10.5 @ 4500 rpm
Air Filter Type
Paper Filter
No. of Valves
Transmission Type
CVT Automatic
Vehicle Size
1852 x 681 x 1168 mm
Wheel Base
1275 mm
Ground Clearance
163 mm
Ground Reach
765 mm
Seat Length
790 mm
Front Leg Space
380 mm
Kerb Weight
108 kg
Suspension Front: Telescopic Type
Telescopic Hydraulic
Suspension Rear: Telescopic
Monotube Inverted Gas filled shox (MIG) with Spring aid 3 step adjustable
Front Braking
220 mm disc, 130 mm drum
Rear Braking
130 mm drum
Tyre Size (Tubeless tyres)
90/90 -12 - 54 J (Front & Rear)
MF 12 V , 4 AH
LED - Clear lens with MFR
Bulb with LED light guide
Starting System
Electric Silent Start
Under Seat Storage
33 Ltrs
Glove Box in Front (open type)
2 Ltrs
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.1 Ltrs


TVS Jupiter 125cc Design

TVS Jupiter 125’s progressive neo masculine styling with signature LED lights, dual coloured inner panels, diamond cut alloy wheels & chrome highlights makes it premium & gives the vehicle an unmissable road presence.

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