Manufacturing Excellence

  • Driven by the Five Pillars of TQM

    The management philosophy is based on Five Pillars of TQM (Total Quality Management) - Management Commitment, Customer Focus, Quality Costs, Quality Systems and Continuous Improvement - which rests on the foundation of the Total Employee Involvement Program, Daily Management and Kaizen.

  • The Total Employee Involvement Program:

    The Total Employee Involvement Program ensures that responsibility for the company's performance is the shared responsibility of employees at all levels. It provides the employees with the opportunity to be involved in breakthrough activities and other improvements, over and above their daily routine.

  • Daily Work Management:

    Daily work management consists of defining and monitoring key processes, ensuring that they meet set targets, detecting abnormalities and preventing their recurrence. TVS Motor encourages continuous improvement in all aspects of work, using Cross Functional Teams (CFT), Supervisory Improvement Teams (SIT) Quality Control Circles (QCC) and suggestion schemes.

  • What about Kaizen?

    The five pillars start with policy management, which is used to arrive at the annual breakthrough objectives. There are generally not more than three company objectives, arrived at after a detailed exercise, which are deployed and reviewed periodically.

    The company conducts an exhaustive range of training programs, utilising both in-house skills and consultants from all over the world. The programs are conducted for employees across levels.

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