TVS Vehicles | 09 Nov 2022

4 Features You'll Love in Jupiter 125

There are scooters and then there's the TVS Jupiter 125, the Scooter of the Year 2022 and one of the most awarded and trusted brands from the stable of TVS Motors.

This is an accolade that is well-earned and is all down to the Jupiter 125 getting the important things right, including its style, ergonomics, performance and mileage. But there's something else that makes it one of the best scooters to buy in India - the features that it offers.

Here are the 4 very well-thought-out features that will pique your interest in the TVS Jupiter 125: -

1. TVS Intelligo That Boosts Mileage

The TVS Intelligo is a smart technology onboard the TVS Jupiter 125 that makes it extremely fuel-efficient. It silently switches off the engine when you are riding in stop-go traffic or while waiting at traffic signals. Fuel saved is fuel conserved and thanks to Intelligo, the overall fuel economy of the TVS Jupiter gets a major boost, thus making it a highly frugal scooter.

2. There's 33 Litres of Under Seat Storage!

When it comes to two-wheelers, modern scooters are known to offer a great amount of practicality. The TVS Jupiter 125 takes it up a good few notches with the best-in-segment under seat storage of 33 litres. That translates to a lot of storage, so much in fact that you can store two full-face helmets underneath. There's also a UB light under the seat - it turns on automatically to make the space visible while using it at night.

This is a big reason why TVS Jupiter 125 presents itself as one of the best scooters to buy for the ladies who seek sufficient space and smart space management in their scooters.

3. You Get a 2L Glove Box with Front Mobile Charger and Front Fuel Lid

Convenience is at the centre of why people buy scooters - the TVS Jupiter 125 leaves no stone unturned in that regard. Adding to its convenience quotient is the availability of a 2L glove box in the front with a mobile charger so that you can charge your smartphone on the move.

TVS Jupiter was the first scooter to offer external fuel filling and with the Jupiter 125, it gets even more convenient. Simply unlock the fuel lid using the 5-in-one key and get the fuel filled without having to get off the scooter.

4. Riding Comfort takes precedence in the Jupiter 125

This is primarily down to the telescopic suspension at the front and 1st-in-industry MIG* forks with 3-step adjustability to customise the suspension as per your riding comfort. With such an advanced feature, TVS Jupiter reiterates its brand positioning to keep offering first-in-segment features.

*Monotube Inverted Gas filled rear shocks

Our pursuit to engineer a comfortable and feature-rich scooter took shape with the TVS Jupiter 125, and it is our unwavering commitment is to keep building on the legacy it has created.

Always expect Zyada Se Bhi Zyada.




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