Better Performance - Smashing the Threshold

Ask anyone who has taken a ride on the TVS Apache RTR and they will simply compare the bike to a 250 cc. Delivering 17 bhp from a 180 cc engine, the bike is certainly tweaked for performance. The pick-up is terrific and one needs to feel the rev of the RTR engine to get a feel of its spirit.

Performance and Convenience - The Innovation Drivers

Cutting Edge Racing - The RTR Promise

The story of the TVS Apache RTR goes a long way down the racing heritage of TVS Motor Company. With expertise in racing for over 15 years, the company launched the TVS Apache RTR (Racing Throttle Response) in 2007.

The bike is a good example of racing heritage brought to the mainstream.

Like all Motocross bikes, the TVS Apache RTR sports a short stroke engine, over-square, with a bore stroke ratio of 5:4 - termed Racing Throttle Response - providing instant acceleration and a ride that needs to be experienced. The Ergonomics is track inspired; the riding position is unique in its class; adding to all this is the aerodynamism of the vehicle. The rest of the features - digital speedometers, roto petal disc brakes are completely from the track.

In its earlier avatar, TVS Apache 150 was the Bike of the year, 2006 and has the unique distinction of winning 6 awards in a year.


  • "Bike of the Year" CNBC-TV18 Autocar Auto Awards 2006
  • "Bike of the Year" OVERDRIVE Awards 2006
  • "Bike Of The Year" Business Standard Motoring Awards 2006
  • "Indigenous design of the year" OVERDRIVE Awards 2006
  • "Design of The Year 2006 - Two Wheelers" BBC Top Gear Design Awards 2006


Style and Technology made Affordable

Today's needs are very unique. While people want their bikes to be in line with the gadgets they use, they are also Keen on getting value for money. Add to this the task of bringing out cleaner, fuel efficient bikes, and the challenge becomes even tougher.

The R and D team at TVS Motor Company has worked efficiently in every aspect to provide better bikes - better looks, better fuel efficiency and better performance.

Performance and Convenience - the Innovation Drivers

Fuel Economy, Lower Emission, Lesser Weight - The Value Drivers

All technology features developed and valued at TVS work towards the primary goals mentioned below. While the performance aspect is taken to its optimum, the engineers at TVS try to work towards building bikes that are easy to ride, at the same time are easy on the environment.


Many features have been introduced in almost all the vehicles of TVS Motor from time to time. The cellphone charger in Scooty Zest or an econometer which shows if the rider is riding at the optimum in the recently launched TVS Jupiter - are examples of innovations in convenience.

Eco Dynamism

Alternative fuels are also a big avenue for study. The three wheelers launched recently will be available in LPG and CNG models. Alternative fuels, lower fuel emission techniques are a very important part of R&D at TVS Motor.

Ergonomics and Styling

At TVS Motor, we believe that the rider and the bike should unite at a point, and the pleasure of riding happens then.

Ergonomics and Styling are developed by the company by being in constant touch with the public. Adequate market research is carried out before a product is put into the manufacturing stage. With over 40 technicians working in the styling department, the R&D Department of styling is geared up to meet the ever changing demands of the discerning customer.

New vehicles like the TVS Phoenix and TVS Jupiter stand testimony to the style enhancements to a motorcycle today. The ergonomics and all the features are used to make the motorcycle appealing to the younger generation while offering better performance.

Due to the introduction of IT (Computer Aided Design) in New Product Development, the development cycle is reduced by half.

TVS Dazz for Indonesia

The company has launched TVS Dazz in Indonesia. The styling team visited Indonesia to study the culture and the people and have adapted their learnings on to the product. Market research was further strengthened by having many features which helped customers in their normal travel ways. With a product portfolio of six products in this international market, the company is making its presence strongly felt amongst its competitors.


Fuel economy, lower emission, lesser weight - The value Drivers

The R&D Department focuses on bringing the best of innovation and technology to the mainstream.

All technology features are aimed at providing value to a customer - be it matching the features, expectation or price. While the performance aspect is taken to its optimum, the engineers at TVS try to work towards building bikes that are easy to ride, economical to maintain and at the same time are easy on the environment.

Inspiration from aeroplanes - the magic of CVTI

The DuraLife Engine gives the benefit of reduced friction and provides less stress on the engine, leading to more efficient fuel consumption. Chrome Plated Piston Rings, Roller Cam follower and Low Friction Engine Oil in the DuraLife Engine leads to less friction. This is backed by refined ignition timing and the overall dry mass (99 kg) which combine seamlessly to provide the improved mileage. Along with this, the long life of the engine and durability have been maintained.

The DuraLife Engine now delivers best in class mileage of 95 KMPL (in TVS Sport).

The CVT-i engine is also used in India's most fuel-efficient scooter, TVS Scooty, with a fuel-efficiency of 65 KMPL.

Features that spell convenience

TVS Motor's strength lies in design and development of new products.

We at TVS deliver total customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs and presenting quality vehicles at the right time and at the right price. The customer and his ever changing need is our continuous source of inspiration.

The TVS Phoenix 125 is a bike that goes beyond durability, mileage and style. With car-like features, the bike is a synonym for comfort. It focuses on comfort and ease-of-operation with styling that TVS calls Dynamic Elegance. The plush and padded high-comfort seating, the fully digital speedometer, hazard lights, soft-touch switchgear, soft textured grips, and many more features ensure you get on the TVS Phoenix 125 with a smile and get off with a grin.

The TVS Jupiter is powered with the 110CC CVT-i engine that generates a pickup of 0-60 m in just 7.2 seconds. Add features like the pass-by switch, largest leg space among scooters, tubeless tyres, Advance Telescopic Shock Absorber, gas-filled rear shock absorber, low fuel indicator, and retractable bag hooks, you have the smoothest ride with best-in-class mileage of 62 kmpl!

Alternative Fuels and Hybrids

Alternative fuels are also a big avenue for study. The three wheelers are available in LPG and CNG models. Alternative fuels, lower fuel emission techniques are a very important part of R&D at TVS Motor.


tvs motor company

TVS Automatic Transmission Technology (TVS-ATT)

In line with our commitment to constantly deliver what is best for our customer, we have always raised the bar internally and stopped at nothing and kept our engineers busy.

TVS Automatic Transmission Technology is one of the key success results of this never - ending process for excellence so that you get nothing but better than the best.

TVS-ATT - What is it?

A new technology that will enhance fuel efficiency by as much as twenty percent when compared to the conventional technology deployed today.

tvs motor company
tvs motor company

Why was it developed?

The conventional rubber belt CVT equipped scooters deliver up to 20% worse fuel economy compared to a standard motorcycle but CVT has the benefit of ease of riding.

The ultimate objective is to achieve the ease of riding of a CVT equipped scooter, with the fuel economy of a standard motorcycle - develop a fuel efficient engine that can be used across various platforms like Scooter, Motorcycle, Step-Thru's.

tvs motor company

How does it work?

This technology employs an Automatic Transmission in place of conventional Continuously Variable Transmission Technology (CVT). This changes gears effortlessly through electronic control, automatically selecting the gear ratios for a particular riding condition. This enables the engine to run at its most efficient RPM (revolutions per minute) for a range of vehicle operating conditions, thereby maximizing the engine performance to achieve peak efficiency; overriding the requirement of a clutch.

The engine developed for this is compact, fuel efficient and can be used across product forms like Scooter, Motorcycles and Step-Thru's. Some other important advantages of this technology are:

  1. Lowest CO2 emission in Scooters
  2. Low Floor Board
  3. Space for luggage

This technology employs an innovative ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which enhances the performance and fuel economy, giving greater convenience of riding. An advanced cooling arrangement, which is based on the vehicle motion itself, avoids use of engine driven fan, thus minimizing the additional consumption of fuel. The improvement in engine efficiency is derived through friction reduction and multi map electronic ignition control, while transmission efficiency is boosted through this new technology.

What do you get?

20% better fuel economy without compromising the riding comfort and convenience.

Type of Vehicle Fuel economy Convenience
Motorcycle High Low
Scooter Low High
TVS AMT High High

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