TVS Vehicles | 28 Dec 2022

TVS Apache RTR: Creating A Legacy Of Race Machines

The best mileage sports bike in India, TVS Motors has gracefully evolved the Apache RTR since it first came out. The platform is built on the philosophy of “Bond over Performance” which makes it stand out from the crowd. With several elements contributing to its performance-oriented nature, the TVS Apache RTR series is engineered to push the rider to keep upping the ante.

A Distinct Evolution of Style

Among the best street bikes in India, the TVS Apache RTR series now comes with aggressive styling elements. These include: -

Aggressive Tank cowl that is street-fighter-inspired muscular design to achieve lesser downforce and uncompromised handling at any speed, all the while offering great road presence and enhanced aerodynamics.

Foam-In-Place Racing Seat provides an optimized seating profile for uniform pressure distribution, giving a magnet-like grip to the rider while leaning and sliding around easily in tight corners.

Track-Focused Speedometer sets you in a mood to race with Race Diagnostic Features like a Lap timer, 0-60 timer, top speed recorder, etc. With SmartXonnect, a range of race analytics and data allows racers to review their racing style and constantly improve and refine it on the track.

All About Performance

When the platform was on the drawing board, the engineers made sure that Right from 0, you get to experience power & punch while you pull the throttle. The RT-Fi – race tuned fuel- injection powered engine delivers consistent race-oriented performance in different conditions.

Integration of Ride Modes which can be changed with just a single press of a button has made sure that the riding never stops no matter what the weather conditions.

Glide Through Technology enables the TVS Apache RTR series to navigate everyday traffic with supreme convenience and ease.

Slipper Clutch is a feature that comes in handy when there’s a need for rapid upshifts and downshifts to avoid wheel hop during acceleration or deceleration.

A track-focused machine, TVS Apache RTR is also a great bike for long drives in India thanks to these features above.


Control has never been this exhilarating, the TVS Apache comes with a single-channel Super-Moto ABS unit that offers enhanced braking control. The top-of-the-line TVS Apache 200 4V has an option for dual-channel ABS for enhanced braking control. Along with that, there’s RLP (Rear wheel Lift-off protection) that offers quick detection and recovery of the wheel lock to achieve higher stability through precise close-loop slip control.

Take the saddle, lean in, and achieve your best lap with Apache RTR that is always ready to race!



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Note: TVS Motors doesn’t encourage rash riding. Track-focused riding should be done in a safe and controlled environment under the supervision of experts.